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Solar Power Systems

With the country’s electricity supply at an all-time low, changing to solar powered systems for your home and business is a wise choice that many South Africans are making. At Battery Pit Stop we offer a range of solar battery systems at a variety of sizes, voltages and prices to meet many a need. Installing solar power systems will guarantee that your lights stay on and your home and business continue operating as normal, even in times of darkness.

Battery Pit Stop is one of SA’s leading distributors of high-quality locally and internationally-manufactured products which comply with the latest performance and safety standards and offer hard-to-beat warranties. Apart from solar systems and battery products, our range includes power products for the automotive industry like cars and golf carts, for the leisure and marine industry like boats, campers and caravans and for the material handling industry too.

When it comes to solar power systems in South Africa choosing a reputable company with top-quality products that will save you money is essential. Cheap, fly-by-nights are a dime a dozen, but at Battery Pit Stop we guaranteed recognised brands that offer cost-saving technologies and innovative solutions.

A variety of units to meet your needs

At Battery Pit Stop we stock a wide range of off-grid solar battery systems that can assist you to become less dependant on the unreliable Eskom grid.

Solar systems work by converting sun energy to DC current via solar panels which flow to an inverter. An inverter turns DC current into AC current for use in homes and companies. The energy or power is stored in the solar batteries for use when needed, like when the electricity gets cut off or
when there’s a blackout.

Cost saving benefits of home solar systems

There is no doubt about the long-term cost-saving benefits of installing solar battery systems in your home, business or factory. Spending money now will guarantee large savings over a ten- and twenty-year period and will also guarantee that you never have to deal with black-outs or stoppages again. The power of the African sun is there to be utilised, choose a Battery Pit Stop product today and start storing today’s power for tomorrow.

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