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Picture it; your family are sitting in your boat or campervan ready and excited to begin their adventure trip or day out, you turn the ignition on and absolutely nothing happens. All it takes is one bad battery to spoil a wonderful holiday. Plan ahead for the unexpected and get excellence quality, durability and performance from marine batteries and leisure batteries from Battery Pit Stop. When it comes to deep cycle units for yachts, boats, campers or caravans, we have a huge range of products to choose from to suit any hobby or sporting need.

If you’re looking for a boat battery for your sea beauty or for a caravan battery for your family van, we stock the highest quality, maintenance-free brands that offer uncompromising quality and are ready to be used. If you’re looking for marine batteries near me, look no further than Battery Pit Stop on Johannesburg’s East Rand. We are one of SA’s leading distributors of quality products for boats and caravans, car and motorcycle batteries as well as solar systems, inverters and UPS’s.

Longer-life for excellent holiday memories

When looking for a marine battery or one for your camper or caravan, you want to choose a product that is easy to install and won’t run dead after one season. Installing a Crown deep cycle flooded AGM will guarantee you hours of consistent power and outstanding quality. Our units also have minimal self-discharge allowing for exceptional seasonal use as well as very little maintenance.

All of our batteries offer hard-to-beat warranties with voltages ranging from 6-12V. We have something for everyone no matter your hobby or weekend habits.

Quality, reliable distributors you can trust

Forget the middle man, Battery Pit Stop sells direct to the public, ensuring the best prices every time. Looking for marine batteries in South Africa at excellent prices and even better quality? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Make sure you don’t start your next family holiday or day out at the dam off to a dead start, make sure you have a top quality, low-maintenance Battery Pit Stop battery ready and waiting to be used. Choose boat batteries for sale from the best in Jo’burg.

We also offer scrubber and forklift batteries that come in different sizes, brands and models, our battery range consists of local and international branded batteries.

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