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Forklift Batteries

Are you searching for “electric forklift batteries for sale”? You’ve made the right pit stop. Batteries are the electrical heart of forklifts. They deliver power and provide a counterweight to maximize lifting capacity and stability. Battery Pit Stop is the one-stop company that provides the most reliable forklift batteries, forklift battery chargers and forklift battery accessories.

Full power for on-time logistics

A reliable battery can maximize your uptime, performance and ROI. But the wrong battery (or maintenance schedule) can lead to decreased performance or, worse yet, downtime. If your forklift batteries fail, business stops. Even brief downtime – lost productivity, delays and contract penalties – can far exceed the cost of the forklift battery price.

How then do you maximize uptime and streamline maintenance? The best approach combines battery selection with other best practices to ensure the best reliability, safety and performance from your batteries.

Where to buy forklift batteries?

Forklift batteries are a critical business investment. Start by selecting the right batteries for your system and even before purchasing or leasing a new forklift battery, ask yourself:

  • What is the vehicle voltage?
  • What is the compartment size?
  • Will I need to purchase a cover?

When batteries are engineered better, built to precise specifications and assembled with higher-quality components, they will last longer, require less maintenance and eliminate common causes of downtime.

Our batteries are a high quality and low maintenance choice. They are locally manufactured and are among the finest engineered batteries available.

Greater uptime and simpler maintenance

Our Batteries have six steps to help you to effectively maintain the forklift batteries of your industrial lifting fleet. By keeping this battery best practice alive you can keep each lift truck battery in use for its optimal lifespan, before you need to buy a new forklift battery.


It’s tempting to charge a battery whenever it is convenient. But to properly maintain forklift batteries – and get the most value for your money – batteries should only be charged at certain times and to certain degrees as over- or under-charging forklift batteries can significantly decrease their lifespan. In short, only charge forklift batteries when a battery has dipped below 30% charge. You can charge the battery until it is full but never interrupt a charge cycle. To avoid overcharging you can use a smart charger with the proper algorithm for your battery.


Flooded or wet cell batteries should be equalized regularly. Equalization reverses the chemical process of stratification, which concentrates acid at the bottom of the battery. (When acid and water become stratified, the battery cannot hold a charge as well.) Equalizing rebalances the electrolyte concentration and helps to remove sulfate crystals from battery plates. Only equalize using a battery charger with an Equalize setting. Many batteries
need equalization every 5-10 charging cycles but consult your battery maintenance specifications or Battery Pit Stop before initiating the process.


Flooded batteries require proper fluid levels for optimum capacity. Their fluid also prevents plates from drying out, a terminal condition.
Approximately every five charge cycles, check battery fluid levels:

  • After putting on personal protective equipment, open up the battery.
  • Check 2-3 cells to ensure fluid is covering the plastic battery element. (A common recommendation is at least. inch of water above battery plates.)
  • If unsure, check all cells.
  • If there is not enough fluid upon inspection, move on to the next step and add water.

If fluid levels are low:

  • Ensure that the battery is fully charged before topping off.
  • Top off the fluid in the battery using deionized or distilled water. (Impure water, or water outside 5-7pH, can lead to battery damage.)
  • This will be necessary approximately every ten charges if you have a brand new forklift battery.
  • Do not overfill the battery. Extra space is required for normal expansion when the battery is in use.
  • As necessary, put battery caps back in place and tighten.
  • Always check your manufacturer’s manual for safety precautions and battery-specific instructions.

NOTE: Maintenance-free batteries do not need to be topped off.


Forklifts may be used in extreme environments and ambient temperature is a critical factor for battery longevity, capacity and safety. Keep your forklift batteries at a safe temperature, not exceeding 45°C for a prolonged lifespan. If higher operating temperatures can’t be avoided, ensure good air circulation in and around the battery compartment for optimal cooling.


All batteries need at least some of the steps above. Even forklift batteries, which are manufactured using heavier plates and more active material – for maximum durability and life – require proper maintenance to extend lifespan. Fortunately, it’s easy to build a consistent forklift maintenance routine.

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