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For many, it’s always right under our feet, and not often considered until it needs a good clean. But we should never overlook the importance of keeping floorspaces spick and span.

Power on to keep floors super scrubbed

When it comes to the retail environment, from shopping malls to restaurants, anyone in facilities management or shop ownership knows how key it is to always have clean floors. Health and safety depend on it! Floor cleaning equipment requires industrial strength scrubber batteries. If you need a sweeper battery replacement, we can help you as we stock Crown Battery products such as the Crown 27DC115, 31DC130, CR-GC150 and the CR350.

Whether you need floor scrubber batteries or floor sweeper batteries you also cannot downplay the importance of minimising downtime of industrial cleaning machinery. Cleaning time is actually money and your power source must be reliable, cost-effective and safe to install and use.

Crown batteries offer you deep-cycle batteries, giving your facilities management team a hardy and hardworking range from which to choose. These include heavy service scrubber batteries.

When it’s time for your sweeper battery replacement, ask the Battery Pit Stop team. Our Scrubber Batteries & Floor Cleaning Batteries are available at different volts and sizes.

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