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Car Batteries

It’s one of life’s greatest irritations; getting into your car, turning the key and hearing nothing but the silence of a dead battery. Replacing a car battery can be both frustrating and time-consuming, but by choosing a reputable stockist like the Battery Pit Stop you can make the process simple and stress-free.

Looking for car batteries near me? Choose us. We help you choose the right product for your motor vehicle because there is a fine line between sheer pleasure and utter frustration. You might be thinking “but there are many places to buy car batteries near me?” and that would be correct; fitment centres are everywhere. However, excellent ones, like Battery Pit Stop, are harder to find.

We guarantee a wide range of products that offer both quality and excellence in safety standards, so whether you drive an economy car, luxury sedan, a classic machine, or even a light truck we’ve got a top-quality battery for you.

Safety first

Changing a new car battery can be hazardous if not done correctly. Lead acid batteries generate explosive gases and its essential to keep sparks, flames and lit cigarettes away from the unit. When changing or using a battery in an enclosed space, always ensure there is adequate ventilation.

Lead acid batteries contain sulphuric acid and in case of contact follow the following safety tips:

  • If any of the sulphuric acid touches your hands, skin or clothing use large amounts of water to flush the area thoroughly.
  • Should any of the acid come into contact with your eyes, use cool water to flush out your eyes for a minimum of fifteen minutes.
  • It’s best to seek medical help in many cases of contact with skin or eyes, just to be safe.

We stock units for a wide range of vehicle makes

Whether you’re looking for batteries for your Hybrid vehicle, or for Silver Calcium or Lead Acid ones, we offer it all. From Bentley to BMW, Fiat to Foton, SAAB to Suzuki and Toyota to Tata, we stock Exide batteries for the widest range of cars in Gauteng.

For car batteries for sale in Johannesburg choose one of SA’s leading distributors of quality products based on the East Rand today. Our range is excellently priced and delivers above expectation too. If you’re wondering where can I get a new car battery today? Look no further than the experts at
Battery Pit Stop.

We also offer golf cart batteries that come in different sizes and voltages, our battery range consists of local and international branded batteries.

Contact us now on 011 397 6907 or request a quote today.

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