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What Voltage are Golf Cart Batteries?

What Voltage are Golf Cart Batteries?

Did you know that there is more than one battery in a golf cart? In fact, there are often four, six or even eight batteries working together in a system to give the cart the drive power it needs. Unlike cars or motorbikes, a golf cart is solely powered by its batteries. Golf cart battery volts depend on the number of batteries in the system. Let’s take a look at the different golf cart batteries voltage and exactly how to determine your carts voltage and drive power.

What voltage are golf cart batteries?

The majority of golf carts are electric and will either have four, six, or eight batteries working together in a system to create power. These batteries are more often than not 6V (six volts) batteries and will either have a 36-volt or 48-volt electrical system.

Electric Golf Carts

Here are three easy steps to work out the exact voltage for golf cart batteries

Step 1 – Check your battery

The easiest and most obvious first step to determine the voltage of golf cart batteries is to find the battery compartment of the golf cart which is usually located under the seat of the cart.

Step 2 – Count the number of holes

The number of holes on a battery multiplied by two determines the voltage of the battery. So, if there are three holes on a battery it means it’s a 6V battery if there are four holes it means it’s an 8V battery and so on. Each hole on a battery is equal to 2V.

Step 3 – Add the number of batteries in the cart by their voltage

To determine the full voltage of the system you need to simply do a bit of mathematics. Work out the voltage per battery as explained above and then multiply the number of batteries in the entire system together. For example:

  • 3 holes multiplied by 2Vs = 6V batteries. If there six batteries in the system it means 6 batteries x 6V = 36V system.

This example means that the golf cart runs on 36V systems. Most carts run on a 36V or 48V electrical system.

What voltage battery do I need for my golf cart?

By simply following the steps above, it is easy to work out the voltage of your golf cart. Once you know the voltage, you are then able to make the most discerning decision as to what the best golf cart battery make for your cart is.

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What Voltage are Golf Cart Batteries?
What Voltage are Golf Cart Batteries?
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