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What are Inverter Systems for Home?

What are Inverter Systems for Home?

Deciding on what kind of solar battery system and inverter system you need for your home can be an overwhelming experience. There is so much choice available when it comes to inverter systems for home use because they are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and of course prices too.

So what inverter systems are best for your home and how do you know which one to choose? Thankfully, at Battery Pit Stop, we’re used to being asked these kinds of questions and we’ve put together some information on how inverter systems work and what kind of features to look out for.

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How does an inverter system work during load shedding?

Many people would like to have a solar system and inverter to make sure that their home runs smoothly even during load shedding. As such, they opt for inverter systems that will pick up the load when the lights trip or Eskom shuts off the power.

Firstly, in order to know what kind of inverter system you need, you need to decide on what appliances you want to run during times when the electricity is off.

Once you know what kind of system you need, get an expert company, like Battery Pit Stop, to install it. In a nutshell this is how and inverter system works;

  • While the power is on, the battery charger will draw energy from the grid to keep the batteries charged fully.
  • When the electricity goes off, the inverter will kick in and wake the batteries up. It will use the DC (direct current) power in the battery bank, convert it to AC (alternating current) power, and give power to the appliances you’ve set it to.
  • Once the power comes back on, the load is automatically transferred back to the grid, the inverters shuts down and the battery bank once again begins to recharge in order to be able to run fully again when needed.

What features should a home inverter have?

When looking for a home inverter, you should make sure that the system you choose offers features that will make it easier to use and maintain.

At Battery Pit Stop we supply inverters with an array of features like:

  • A display that offers information like battery life, charging information or any safety/error messages that can be clearly seen and read.
  • All displays are kept in safety casings to keep the readers safe against damage or harm.
  • The front panels of our inverters display the following indicators:
    – Mains on
    – Smart CHG
    – UPS on
    – Battery LO
    – UPS OL
    – UPS nL
    – UPS on / reset switch

These indicators help you to understand what is going on with your system. Fore more detail on what each of these indicators mean on our inverters, click here.

The science behind an inverter system and how it works can be tricky. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to have a solar battery and inverter system in your home, you just have to consult an expert company to help you create the solar system you need to keep the lights on at home.

Find out more about inverters and solar battery systems now, call Battery Pitstop today on 011 397 6907.

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