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Trojan Vs Crown Batteries

Trojan vs Crown Golf Cart Batteries

When it comes to the best battery in the business, at The Battery Pit Stop we believe that Crown is King. Customers often make purchasing decisions based on price and availability but forget to put their chosen brand to test where it matters.

Crown Battery Benefits

When it comes to the question of Trojan vs Crown batteries, we believe there is only one clear winner. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two brands now.

Which brand makes the best batteries between Crown and Trojan?

When it comes to Trojan vs Crown golf cart batteries, the best brand has to be the one that performs the best. There are also a few other elements to judge a battery on, namely;


Crown’s design is a modern one with in-line, solid-cast construction made through precision automated welds. Trojan uses an older offset strap with individually cast parts that are manually welded together. Both offer sturdy performance but Crown’s design and technology are just that much more modern.

Charging optimisation

You want a battery that can charge fast and charge well to get the best performance. Thanks to Crown’s one-piece solid cast design, there is lower resistance internally which means that it can charge and discharge more optimally than other, older battery designs. Crown promises a battery with a longer battery life.

Longer life

Crown golf cart batteries have dense TBLS (tetrabasic lead sulphate) content in the positive plate which means that they enlist more resistance to breakdown or discharge. This means that they can last for longer and provide more consistent performance. Crown batteries offer crystal sizes of 10 microns whereas Trojan battery crystal sizes are between 10 and 50 microns.

Which golf cart battery brand is best?

At the Battery Pit Stop, our minds are made up. We believe that in the Crown golf cart batteries vs Trojan batteries debate that Crown is the clear winner because:

  • Crown is engineered for performance – Crown has designed a battery that has been given very specific attention to detail and been geared for optimum performance.
  • Real Value – thanks to stringent discharge and lifecycle tests, Crown comes out the clear winner over many of their competitors.
  • Designed for power – Crown boasts batteries with the heaviest, thickest plates and heavier lead connections which mean more active materials per amp hour.

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