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Maintaining and Caring for a Golf Cart Battery

Maintaining and Caring for a Golf Cart Battery

As with any piece of machinery, a golf cart can offer its owner years of successful service if it’s cared for well. Maintaining and caring for golf cart batteries is quite simple and only requires a few easy steps to be followed.

What is a golf cart battery?

First of all, let’s understand what a golf cart battery is. Unlike a car, which only uses one battery, a golf cart uses between four and eight batteries to operate depending on the size of the cart. This is because the batteries themselves are used to power the entire cart. Golf cart batteries are known as deep cycle batteries which are designed to be able to run empty or be fully discharged. Deep cycle batteries are most often lead-acid batteries. Most cart batteries are 6 volts and are designed to work in a system of four or more together.

Care Tips

How do you maintain golf cart batteries?

When it comes to golf cart battery maintenance there are a few steps to take each time you use your golf cart to get the best lifespan from the batteries.

Choose good quality batteries

For the easiest golf cart battery care and maintenance process, it’s always wise to use the best quality batteries available to get the most efficient power. Cheaper model batteries often do not fully recharge and will, therefore, hold less of a charge. A good quality battery will have a higher number of discharge cycles available and therefore last longer.

Charge your batteries correctly

Club car golf cart battery maintenance is easy when you charge them correctly.  Invest in a good battery charger which will be able to charge the batteries at a high voltage for a long time, allowing the batteries to charge fully and for their chemical composition to return to normal.

Maintain correct water levels

The main factor that often gets overlooked during battery maintenance is keeping the correct water levels on each battery. When you charge the battery, heat is produced which then makes the water in the battery boil off as hydrogen gas. This is a normal part of the recharging process, but it is then essential to top up the water levels with distilled water once the recharging is complete. If you don’t maintain the correct water levels you will shorten the life span of your battery.

Keep the batteries clean

As with you prize car or motorbike, keeping your golf cart clean and in good nick will not only make it look good but will ensure it lasts for longer. When you clean the cart itself, make sure you give the batteries and their terminals a good clean too. Get rid of rust spots and clean any leaking water or acid away from the battery.

As with everything, the better you look after and maintain it, the longer and better it will work for you.

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