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How to Choose Replacement Golf Cart Batteries?

How to Choose Replacement Golf Cart Batteries

Whilst you may think one golf cart battery is pretty much that same as another, the reality is they may look similar but not all are the same and each brand and make have different benefits and features. If you’re wondering how to choose replacement golf cart batteries, allow us to take you through a few factors to consider. Knowledge is power when it comes to golf cart battery replacement.

Considerations to Keep in Mind

When your golf cart batteries are nearing the end of their life, there are four very important questions to consider when choosing which batteries to replace them with;

What kind of power or capacity do you need?

Golf cart batteries come in a variety of capacities or powers. This means that different kinds will offer you different amounts of power that they will be able to supply. A batteries power is measured in a unit of electricity called an amp hour. Batteries capacity is measured as a unit of AH (amp-hour). If the battery has a lower AH or capacity, it means it will run for a shorter amount of time before discharging. The higher the capacity of a battery, the higher the AH and the longer it will run for.

What kind of battery type does your cart use?

The mechanism of a golf cart will be designed to run using a specific kind of battery. When considering golf battery replacement, you need to know what kind of battery your cart uses. There are three main types of batteries;

Flooded lead-acid

These are the most common kinds of batteries and are designed to run by using lead plates in sulphuric acid which, when powered, produce electricity. They are unsealed units, easily available, generally well-priced and are sold in a variety of capacities.

Gel lead acid

As with the flooded unit, this kind of battery also uses lead-acid in its mechanism but utilizes a thickening agent to keep the lead-acid still. Golf carts that are designed for off-road, heavy-duty use would most likely enlist the use of a gel lead acid battery to keep the battery from spilling easily.

AGM lead-acid

Relatively new on the market and a little harder to find, these kinds of batteries use a fibreglass separator to keep the electrolyte in place. They are thought to be excellent batteries for robust use because they don’t spill, they are resistant to movement or vibrations and hold up well against impacts.

What do you use your golf cart for?

As a golf cart owner, ask yourself what you need your golf cart to be able to do for you? If you are wanting to use it on rough terrain make sure you choose a battery option that is best for rugged use. Match your battery with your riding style.

How long do you need your battery to last?

If you only play golf once or twice a month and only require your cart for that kind of use, then a battery with a shorter capacity or shelf life might be suitable. If you’re an avid player and need your cart to offer a long-life cycle before discharging than you need to your club cart golf cart battery replacement to match accordingly.

How can I make my golf cart battery last longer?

There are a few tips to make your battery lasts as long as possible. Check out our blog on How to Maintain Golf Cart Batteries for more details.

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