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How To Choose An Off-grid Solar Battery System?

How To Choose An Off-grid Solar Battery System?

In South Africa, choosing an off-grid solar battery system is completely necessary and ultimately, very functional. Thanks to our excellent all-year round sunshine, our option for solar systems is increased and we are able to make use of the sunshine to convert to an effective power source. In addition, our unstable Eskom grid and constant black-outs make choosing a solar system that much more appealing.

What exactly is an off-grid solar system and how do you go about choosing the right one?

Off-grid Solar Battery System

What does off-grid mean?

Off-grid means to be completely off the electrical grid in your municipality, or in South African terms it means being completely independent of Eskom power. Many people choose to either have a hybrid system where they use some Eskom power for certain functions and then install a solar system for other functions too. Other choose to be completely off-grid which means they are solely reliant on solar power for their energy needs.

What is an off-grid solar battery system?

Off-grid battery systems or standalone solar power systems are those that do not rely on the mains or municipal electricity for power at all. All the power is generated by a solar system which includes solar panels to capture the solar power, a battery bank to store the energy or power and an inverter or UPS to convert the power.

The solar battery system works in a few easy steps:

  • An inverter makes use of a battery bank which energises the inverter or UPS
  • When power is needed that inverter transfers energy from the battery bank and converts the DC power (as stored in the batteries) to AC power for us to use in our homes or offices.

For completely off-grid systems this process is happening continuously to provide power all day long. In hybrid or mixed systems, this process only kicks in when the power goes off, as is the case in load shedding, and then power to certain appliances and sockets is maintained during the black out.

How to choose an off-grid solar battery system?

When choosing the best solar battery system for your home or business, you first need to start with a few basic questions. Ask yourself;

  1. Do I want to be completely off the grid or have a hybrid system?
  2. What are my power or energy needs on a daily basis?
  3. What appliances, machines, sockets would you need to continue running if there is a black-out or load shedding?

We recommend enlisting the help of specialists like the Battery Pit Stop to help you in understanding what your power needs are and how to choose an off-grid solar battery system that is perfect for your needs. At Battery Pit Stop, we always consult with our customers on the topic first to understand their needs in detail.

Which is the best off-grid solar system?

There are many options to choose from when it comes to solar systems. The size of the batteries and the size of the system is entirely dependent on your energy needs. At Battery Pit Stop, we stock the best Crown and Exide batteries that are perfect for any solar battery system.

For more information on off-grid batteries and the best off-grid solar system to buy call Battery Pit Stop today on 011 397 6907 or fill out our contact form and one of our specialists will get back to you.

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