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How Much Do Inverter Systems for Homes Cost?

How Much Do Inverter Systems for Homes Cost?

The beauty of home inverter systems is that they use the power of the sun during the summer months as well as the gentle winter sunshine to store power that can be used in your home. Inverter systems vary in sizes and quality and the perfect one for your home depends on many factors.

Are you wondering how much an eco-friendly, good quality home inverter might cost you? At Battery Pit Stop, we’re accustomed to understanding our customers needs first and then recommending the best system fit for them.

Let’s look at what a home inverter system entails, how much they cost, and the benefits to you to having one in your home.

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What are home inverter systems?

Home inverter systems are relatively simple units that produce electricity for your home for times with load shedding hits or your municipal supply trips for one reason or another.

Solar battery and inverter systems simply use the power of the sun to charge a battery bank. This battery bank stores power for when the lights go off. As soon as the lights trip, the inverter system kicks in. The battery bank sends the DC power or direct current that it has stored through the inverter which converts the current from DC to AC power or alternating current. The AC power is then used to power the appliances you’ve chosen to be kept on during blackouts.

How much do home inverter systems cost?

You’ll be able to pick up a home inverter system from a reputable supplier like Battery Pit Stop for as little as R9 875 and this system will give you four hours of uninterrupted power supply when the Eskom grid is down.

Of course, the bigger the system the more it will cost. So, it’s important to understand your power needs and what appliances you’d like to supply with electricity during times when the power is off.

Home inverters don’t need to cost an arm and a leg to install in your house. In fact, they should save you money in the long run as they will help you avoid blown appliances from power surges, lost revenue if you work from home, as well as avoid losing spoiled food that’s possibly defrosted during load shedding.

Why should I install a home inverter system in my house?

There are many benefits to installing a solar battery and inverter system in your home. At Battery Pit Stop, we’ve put together just a few benefits concisely for you;

  • Inverter systems or power back-ups are easy to install and very easy to use
  • They are portable and therefore can be taken with you when you move houses
  • Solar batteries that are a part of our inverter systems are durable and last for long
  • Inverter systems are quiet to run and don’t rely on fossil fuels or petrol to run like generators do – this makes them an eco-friendly option to choose.
  • The battery bank in solar systems take quick to charge; just a few hours in the sun and they can be at almost full charge
  • Inverter systems don’t require any maintenance to run which means you won’t have to have them serviced regularly, therefore no need to incur more costs.

These are just a few reasons why harnessing the power of the sun to supply your home with electricity using an inverter system is the answer.

Find out more about inverters and solar battery systems now, call Battery Pitstop today on 011 397 6907.

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