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How Long Does a Golf Cart Battery Last?

How Long Does a Golf Cart Battery Last?

Picture it now. You’ve woken up at dawn and have got yourself dressed, stretched and ready for a 7 am tee off. You head out into your garage with your warm cup of coffee to go, get in your golf cart, turn the key and, nothing happens. Dead battery!

This scenario is enough to ruin even the most perfect golf day. The reality is, golf batteries die and don’t always last as long as they should because drivers are unaware as to how to properly look after them. There are a few factors which determine how long a golf cart battery lasts and certain elements that can also affect a golf cart battery life span.

Let’s take a look at what happens to cause a dead battery and what can be done to increase golf cart battery longevity.

Factors to Consider

There are several reasons why golf cart batteries, as with other types of batteries, die. Poor maintenance and lack of understanding a battery life span are two of the major elements.

Battery maintenance

Taking care of your golf cart battery is as essential as taking care of your car’s battery. Most golf carts use deep cycle batteries which need the right electrolyte or water levels to operate properly. Make sure you always check the water level of your battery before use, especially when you’re planning on spending a full day out on the course.

Batteries also need to be fully charged to work and should never be left in an empty or discharged state. Once you’re finished with your cart for the day, always make sure you charge the battery to full after every use.

Golf cart batteries lifespan

Golf carts are commonly used in South Africa  for recreational use on golf courses by members. Members either use their private carts or can rent a fleet cart for the day from the Golf Club. Some businesses, hotels, housing estates and even corporates also use carts for transport around large areas too.

One needs to acknowledge that golf cart batteries can only work for so many hours. Fleets carts on golf courses do a lot of mileage compared to those owned by private golfers. A fleet cart can do up to two or more rounds of golf a day during peak seasons compared to privately owned carts which might do one or two rounds a week.

Consideration must also be made for other factors which may draw additional power from a battery no a golf cart like lights and even radios. In general, a well-maintained battery should last between four and six years.

Should I leave my golf cart plugged in all the time?

Many people think they will get more longevity out of their battery if they leave it plugged in all the time, but the answer is no you should not. The best way to get the longest lifespan from your golf cart battery is to regularly check its water levels, drive cautiously and, most importantly, charge the battery to full after every use and then turn it off.

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