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Golf Cart Tyres

Golf Cart Tyres Guide

In this section, we take a look at golf cart tyre types and give you all the advice and knowledge that you need to know about them. Our easy guides and blogs in this section take you through topics like how long golf cart tyres typically last, what pressure to pump them too and how to do it, and how to choose the right tyre for your needs.

We’ve put together a range of informative articles to help you understand golf cart tyres better. Whether you’re a golfer with your own golf cart or whether you’d just like to be informed about these machines and their accessories, no matter your interest levels are you’ll enjoy these easy-to-read guides. We’re experts in batteries and tyres for golf carts, and we’re happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you through these helpful articles.

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Golf Cart Tyres Articles

From the correct tyre pressure to knowing how to make your tyres last longer, we’ve got it all covered in this section. Take a look at the various articles in our golf cart tyre guide now. If you’re interested in the topic or article, click on the link below it to read the full blog.


How Long Do Golf Cart Tyres Last?

Like tyres on a car, there are tips and tricks you can use to make your golf cart tyres last that much longer. In this article we give you some easy-to-use care tips to help you do just that. Tips like checking your tyre pressure regularly and checking your golf cart’s wheel balancing are just some of the information we give you in this blog. You can find out more about how to know when it’s time to replace your tyres in this article too.

Read the full blog on How Long Do Golf Cart Tyres Last now.


Golf Cart Tyre Pressure

Did you know there is an optimum tyre pressure to keep your golf cart tyres at? Find out all you need to know about golf cart tyre PSI or air pressure and why it’s so important to maintain the right PSI for your tyres. We go into detail about the damage that can be done when driving your golf cart with tyres that are too low or too high. The blog will help you understand more about the ideal pressure for tyres and how to keep them that way.

Read the full blog on Golf Cart Tyre Pressure now.


How to choose Golf Cart Tyres

There is no one size fits all when it comes to golf cart tyres. Read this blog to find out more about the different types of golf cart tyres and their uses and advantages. From street tyres to off-road and all-terrain tyres, we give you information about the different types of tyres to choose from in South Africa. We also give you guided information on how to choose the right golf cart tyres for your needs.

Read the full blog on How to Choose Golf Cart Tyres now.


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