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Product Description – Golf Carts

Golf Cart Batteries


It’s time to tee off. Knowing that your fleet of golf carts won’t swing your course maintenance team a bad hook, slice, pull or shank! Here’s the low down on all things you may need to know, to keep all your golfers’ movements around the course powered up and free from unplanned stops (barring bunker stops because getting out of sand traps is not in your control as the course manager).

There’s no halfway house stop in our trusted range of golf cart batteries for sale. From golf trolley batteries to the best in golf cart batteries prices, the Battery Pit Stop team of charged up specialists will get you in and out of this maintenance pit stop in record time, and with all the power-up equipment you need from big brand golf cart battery suppliers.

Golf carts are not just for golfers

Electric golf carts are rugged run arounds not only for golfers but also for the likes of security guards and home owners within residential housing estates in South Africa, as well as for facilities and security management teams in office parks, and don’t forget about hotel and leisure or health spa environments. These zero emissions and maintenance friendly vehicles are hefty road runners in so many places and spaces!

We offer a wide variety of golf cart batteries in different sizes, models and brands fit for your specific needs.

Before you pull into Battery Pitstop perhaps you have some questions that we can answer here.

How long do golf cart batteries last?

An electric golf cart can typically travel between 40 to 64 kilometres on one battery charge, although this depends on the model and configuration of the battery and the cart’s voltage. It is important to consider that the range to be gained per battery charge depends on whether a 2-seater or 4-seater is being powered, and how much luggage or weight is being carried. One calculation is that a round of golf requires around 40 minutes of run time and if
discharged at 56 amps, an average of two rounds is possible per charge.

So what’s the key to maintaining golf cart batteries?

Golf carts are powered by deep cycle lead acid batteries. It is important to know that the operating range depends on the age of the golf cart batteries and how they have been maintained through their operating life.

Battery brands – that we choose not to sell – need maintenance from you, e.g. they need you to check cables, terminals and posts for any corrosion. Not so with Crown Batteries that you can buy from Battery Pit Stop. This leading battery brand – manufactured in the USA – gives you maintenance free energy
storage. Crown products are purpose built batteries that require no watering or gassing.

How much are golf cart batteries?

Budget is an important consideration for facilities managers and any owner of an electric golf cart. The price competitiveness of Crown is another reason why we are proud to be an accredited Crown Batteries distributor across South Africa. Golf cart batteries and golf trolley batteries from this world leading brand range from R1 850 to R3 000 depending on the specifications that you need.

Where can I buy golf cart batteries near me?

Stop in at your one-stop pit stop for all your golf cart batteries and battery accessories that are tougher than the rough!

We also offer automotive batteries that come in different sizes, brands and models, our battery range consists of local and international branded batteries.

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